10 Incredible Years in Business

10 years and counting, you trust us with your face….Why not your Body Care!!!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our CBD line for topical skincare as well as therapeutic pain relief.  Did you know that recent studies over the last decade have revealed that we have CBD receptors on all organs of the body including the nervous and immune systems.  With the skin being the largest organ of the body, the receptors are plentiful, therefore making the delivery of the CBD most efficacious topically!

WELL CBD ensures the purity of the CBD in the finished product to a 99.4% standard; what that means is that you are getting 99.4% of pure CBD, 0% THC. According to Hannah Duncan, founder and creator of WELL CBD, 75% CBD per 1oz of oil, crème or salve will help therapeutically for pain.  CBD can also be used to normalize oil production in the skin, help with cellular regeneration, skin inflammation, and add moisture to the skin for suppleness.

I look forward to incorporating CBD as needed for inflammation and to address inflammatory conditions in my customized treatment plans for my clients!